About Me

Faith, family, fiction, and foreign places define my life. (That's a lot of f-words, none of them four- letter!) :) I should also add in fashion, because I love a good J. Crew or Anthropologie sale. Basically, I love spending time with my family, traveling, writing books, and wearing clothes...and most of the time I wear clothes while I spend time with family, travel, and write books! ;)

Soon, I will enter the query trenches for the first time.

I'm blissfully married to my best friend, who I met as a teen. (And why I love YA!) I have a degree in Education from Brigham Young University and taught school for several years before trading my class of twenty for just one. Our second child joined our family last year. We've lived in Utah, Georgia, and even London(!!), but now call idyllic Franklin, Tennessee home.