Monday, August 12, 2013

A Writer's Biggest Fault according to Les Edgerton, author of HOOKED

I'm currently reading through Les Edgerton's HOOKED again and came across these gems:

"The single biggest fault of most writers is that they simply don't trust the reader's intelligence to "get" what's going on without providing lengthy backstory."

"Readers don't need to know everything about your characters in order to understand what's going on when the stuff hits the fan. Intelligent readers understand a lot from a tiny bit of information. Give them credit for having functional brains."

I love this, and think this advice applies to more than just backstory. In my current revision of my novel, I'm trying to remind myself to "infer not inform" so my readers will be able to mentally and emotionally participate more in my story and do a lot of the guesswork.That should translate into readers vicariously feeling and experiencing alongside my characters and becoming more invested in the story. And we all want more invested readers, right?

HOOKED is one of the best writing resources out there! My copy is quite mangled. :)

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